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Welcome to the No.1 Property Mum Website, thank you for stopping by.

I am dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, young and old, in their property journey. 

I aim to develop your self confidence and tenacity in an industry which can often be intimidating and fast-paced.

By sharing my knowledge and experience as a professional property investor, self-confessed personal development junky and devoted single mum to three beautiful teenage daughters; my aim is to empower, nurture and inspire.

My Mission for You

To create a tribe of independent, positive individuals who value their role within their family while knowing confidently, it is okay to want more for themselves.

Together we will grow, love ourselves unconditionally, trust our intuition and help each other. Building confidence and a portfolio of homes that serve both ourselves and the community.

My Personal Goal

My goal is to achieve financial freedom for myself, my family and to help others achieve their goals through property and personal growth.

This site is dedicated to support, discussion, learning & networking for any current and potential property enthusiasts, developing our knowledge in a positive and safe environment.

A few words from our clients

"Kathryn comes with great knowledge and experience within property investment specifically around the North West region of England." Property Monks
Property Monks
"I have worked with Kathryn and her team several times and have always found her to be efficient, friendly and very knowledgeable about Property and the Wigan area. Highly recommended.“
M Lazur @ Duko Properties
"Really good information. On our Schedule of Works for your Refurb - very useful, with different ideas for structuring and preparation . Funny and engaging."
John Foster

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