Online Training

KAO Properties Limited has created these courses to help property investors navigate the journey from Education to Reality.

Simply put; I want to share my knowledge and HELP people like you to build a SUCCESSFUL property portfolio.

I have learnt a lot of valuable lessons over the past few years on my property journey. Many of which have cost me considerable time and money.

What’s different about our company, is that our courses are about teaching and guiding you to APPLY the education and SKILLS you have learnt without the costly mistakes.

Discovery Days

1) Do you want to start investing in Property?

2) Are you interested in making a profit?

3) Eager to learn the best investment strategies for your area and budget?

If you answered YES! to any questions…

What is a Discovery Day?

Our KAO Properties Discovery Day is an interactive experience brimming with exclusive insider knowledge and strategies.

We are based in Wigan, however we also cover neighbouring areas such as St. Helens and Leigh.

Our tailor made days allow investors and developers to get hands on knowledge, key information and proven strategies to profitably invest in Property in Wigan.

This is an opportunity not to be missed… Get in touch today!

The day is tailored to your needs and your strategy, so to make the most of it  – do your due diligence, let me know what you want out of the day and we will have a fantastic experience – your head will be packed full or information, I promise you!

Check out our Testimonials if you’re still not sure!

Currently due to COVID-19 restrictions you will need to drive in your own car and we will converse via hands free during the tour. This has worked very well for my clients so far but works best if you can buddy up so there is one to take notes.

Viewings are taking place with number restrictions inside the property.  If you require a mask or gloves (some Estate agents may request it) please provide your own. If you wish to view a property on the day I will provide a Damp meter, measures and viewing checklists.

Tailored to your individual needs

  1. Free 30 minute one to one Strategy call

Hands on viewing with the expert guidance on how to get the most out of the vendor or EA

  1. Driving tour of the borough
  2. Meet the local professionals – builder, EA, letting,
  3. Postcode analysis for ALL STRATEGIES,
  4. Areas for capital growth
  5. BTL best areas

Best postcodes for flips and HMOs

Where to avoid

  1. Rental values by area and Postcode
  2. An insight into Splits and mixed use
  3. Wigan Social Housing and Greater Manchester Lease scheme

Mining – what to look out for

  • Transport links and new infrastructure
  • Membership to our exclusive Wigan Facebook Group

Free Documents to keep:

  • Take away viewing checklist
  • Power Team list of contacts
  • Useful links to more local Due Diligence

Useful demographic statistics and local property facts

  • Numbers on 4-bed HMO
  • Wigan Postcode Map combined with area breakdown list
  • Refurb breakdown of costs
  • Exclusive membership to:
  • Facebook Group – Wigan Property
  • Facebook Group – No.1 Property Mum
  • Introduction to Useful people- Solicitor, Broker, Builder, Accountant, Systems, Architect, Surveyor, Structural, Damp Expert
  • Introduction to Local Property Networks

Service Provider and care provider opportunities

  • Leaseholds

Optional Extras

  • MIMO, ROI, YEILD- How to calculate offer price
  • Meet the builder Q&A
  • How much should things cost? Refurb, Solicitors, Broker, PM
  • Using a sourcing agent- pros & cons
  • Questions to ask EA
  • DAMP- What to look for, issues, solutions, costs
  • Visit EA and Lettings- Borron Shaw/ Sapphire Homes
  • Viewing Apps – I-Auditor, My Property App

Duration: 5 hours


  1. Driving tour of the borough
  2. Meet the local professionals: Builder, EA, Letting Agent
  3. Postcode analysis for ALL STRATEGIES
  4. Areas for capital growth
  5. BTL best areas

Wigan & 1 Other Local Area
Duration: 5 hours

This is run on the same format as the Wigan day but covers a broader geographical area. Other Local Areas include:

  • Leigh
  • Ashton-In-Makerfield
  • St. Helens

North West
Duration: 10 hours / 2 days

This day will cover Wigan in detail, plus three neighbouring towns on the driving tour with more generalised information on each.