About Us


I am a single mum of three girls so family is my first love. This business allows me quality family time, to support us day to day and create a residual income for our future. Through hours of education and on the ground experience I have learnt to successfully recognise a potential deal; this enables me to accurately assess costs and manage the refurbishment to meet the requirements for refinance or resale. I know how to buy in the right areas with the best yields and below market value. All key elements for successful property investment. 

These skills have helped me, and my clients build successful BTL and HMO portfolios. I am privileged to coach other investors on their property journey and share my area knowledge through our Discovery Days. 

As a family we adore the sun and travel, so adventure is always on our wish list. My personal joy is to spend time in nature; by the sea, a country lane or woodland walk makes me feel alive and energised. I also enjoy exploring all things that expand my mind and improve wellbeing like: Art, Reiki, yoga, mindfulness, homeopathy, Angels, elementals and hours of audio motivational content. I also love to socialise over drinks and dinner.

My Why:  My girls.

My Mission:  To love myself and create a purposeful life; filled with abundance and grace. To help and inspire my girls and others, to do the same.


My daughter, and a wonderful asset to the family business. With me part time since 2018 while completing her A Levels. She brings order to our administration with her excellent digital, computer and organisational skills, creating an efficient viewing, offer and bookkeeping process. She works consistently to improve our systems and processes. Grace is an active contributor to our Project Liaison service, reporting to remote investors on their investment and property refurbishment progress.

Last year Grace travelled to Tanzania where she and her team helped young Entrepreneurs establish sustainable businesses during a ten-week volunteer programme. She developed skills such as independence, self-motivation, resilience, organisation, patience and compassion. She also enjoys going to the gym, driving, socialising with friends and family.


Our newest member of the team and another daughter! Overseeing   our website and social media; promoting our popular Discovery Days, helping new investors improve their knowledge of Wigan, develop strategies and managing their refurbishments. Izzy is our photographer and runs a property dressing service with Grace for new HMOs and BTLs. She loves to design and dress our flips for presentation.

Izzy is currently attending Salford University studying Interior Architecture. She is a member of a local Netball team, a talented make-up artist and like Grace and I she enjoys dining out and socialising with family and friends.

My Property Journey

My love of property goes back to my 20’s where I was at University in Oxford in the 90’s.  A fellow student named Oli told me about how he was buying property for the student market, he told me how, but I was afraid, I dismissed the idea that I was able to do what he was doing because he was from an affluent family and I, was not. I often wonder what happened to him, I’m sure he is a wealthy man! 

Later when my girls were young their father and I paid for our first education to invest in the HMO market, we bought one, but again were afraid to commit and sold it a couple of years later at a loss.  I was at this time I first read Robert Kiasaki Rich Dad Poor Dad.

I have lived in Wigan for 30 years on and off, so I know the area and it’s surroundings well. I became a single mum in 2010 so when an opportunity to attend a free property seminar presented itself the time seemed right. This led to a taster weekend where I committed to investing in myself and a formal property education.  This has given me the confidence to take action and keep moving forward despite not having funds of my own.

So, I have been investing seriously in property for several years following formal training with Asset Academy (then Tigrent) mid 2015. I have built a wealth of experience and knowledge, viewing hundreds of properties and playing an active role in numerous refurbishments of BTL, HMO and flat conversions, for myself and our clients.

My first projects were buy to let 2 and 3 bed properties purchased for around £50,000 refurbished to a good standard (£10-15,000) and refinanced at around £80,000. LTV 75% leaving very little in the deal, just as I was taught to do.

I tried my first joint venture and HMO in 2016 both experiences came with lots of lessons! I got compliant and began sourcing for other investors in 2018, largely within the Asset Academy Network, to fund my own projects. I also set up my limited company KAO Properties Limited. 

Other investors heard about my work in the North West and I spent three years managing several refurbishment projects for myself and other remote investors which gave me great experience.

I continued to invest in my education.  Not all have been value for money, but I have always taken away at least one lesson.  For me, every day is a school day, so I’m good at taking the positive from the negative!

I am privileged to have received mentorship and coaching from some great teachers like Debbie Dorrans and Sanjay Adatya through Asset Academy Richmond and been a member of Rob Moore’s Mastermind round table, through Progressive Property.

I also continue to learn and utilise the expertise of mentors; learning from someone else’s mistakes and benefitting from their wider experience. I currently seek the council of Michael Almond of Putright Property Ltd and Danny Inman founder of the Progressive Property Network.

2018-9 gave me my first experience of conversions where we created flats from single dwellings, gaining knowledge of processes in planning, building control and utility splitting. 

In the last 18 months my girls have joined me on my property journey, and we have built relationships with Wigan Council and Wigan Borough Armed Forces HQ providing quality homes for social housing and supported living.  

Looking forward to 2021 we are excited to develop our relationship within supported living and progress to larger converision projects with specific end users in mind.  This works towards my vision to provide safe quality housing for those more vulnerable memebers of society while working to support the community as a whole.

My Biggest Lesson So Far

Truly taking responsibility for my role in any situation has been a liberating experience. This has released me from the need to blame others and give away my power;  the ability to take ownership of my own actions and destiny is very powerful. 

Over the past five years I have started to appreciate my journey through life. Value my past mistakes and experiences as lessons, and to move forward without regrets or fears to hold me back. I have learned to appreciate the moment, my own health and that of my loved ones, never to take any for granted.

I have learnt the value of asking for help.

I am grateful for all the help and support I have had in both my property and soul journey. I feel compelled to share this opportunity with women just like me so that we can learn and grow together.  

I want to help others to reach their potential both as an individual and financially.