What We Do


Create beautiful
homes to buy and rent

Using area knowledge and property expertise, we source tired or rundown properties below market value (BMV). Our experienced team adds value by completing quality refurbishment to create affordable and desirable homes

  • SALES BMV properties refurbished to a high standard and sold for profit via trusted local agents. We calculate our projects to generate a minimum of 15% profit after costs.
  • BTL– Residential properties with two or three bedrooms for the single let market.

¨ HMO – 4 to 6 bed conversions for the multiple let market.

¨ SMALL CONVERSIONS – residential single dwellings or small mixed-use properties converted into flats.


Provide solutions for homeowners wanting to sell

If you have a property you are looking to sell which may be a bit run down or in need of some TLC – we can help.

We understand that selling a property can be completely overwhelming!

It’s not always as simple as put it on the market and let it go.  Especially if it holds strong emotional ties for you. 

Sometimes you can’t face the thought of dozens of strangers tramping through the home of a recently passed loved one, maybe this is the house you grew up in.

Perhaps, you need the financial peace of mind to know that the house is sold, but you need time to clear through precious memories, we can accommodate this, no problem.

Maybe, you just don’t want to deal with Estate Agents, we understand. We can help.


What are the benefits of working with us?

  • We can complete as quickly or as slowly as you need
  • When we make an offer, we are committed.
  • We will visit your property and make you an offer based on that visit, there is no need for you to do anything to make it more presentable or fix anything that is broken.
  • We do not need to revisit the property numerous times with different people which can be distressing and inconvenient.
  • There are no Agent fees to sell your house
  • We will pay your Legal fees to sell
  • We can offer cash
  • As an established Investor we have access to various Lenders, unlike many viewers with an agent
  • We are happy to assist you or arrange for personal belongings and furniture to be removed.
  • If you have a property in the Wigan, Leigh, St Helens area and you like to have a chat please message me for a chat.

Looking for an alternative to 0% in the bank?

We offer our Angel Investors 4-10% interest per annum for up to 5 years

Source Properties for out of town investors

We are Fully registered and compliant Property Sourcing Agents for Wigan and St Helens